Fall in love with taking care of yourself

Everyone leads a busy life nowadays, and as our society and health care systems continue to navigate this global pandemic, total mind, body, and spirit wellness could not be more important than now. Here at Ignite! we offer various classes, specialized workshops, and one on one sessions with our practitioners to address your wellness and spiritual needs. Whether you've had years at practicing yoga, just beginning your spiritual awakening, or simply looking for a change in your life, we will be sure to ignite! the journey within you!

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At this time Megan isn't taking on individual clients right now, information and 2021 prices about classes and workshops will be updated as they become available.


Reiki Treatment:

60 minute/ $60

90 minute + Chakra Balancing/ $90 

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET):

60 minute Treatment/ $60

90 minute Treatment + Soul Alignment/ $90

Past Life Regression Therapy:

90 minutes/ $90 single session

*discount if you book multiple sessions*

Intuitive Card Readings: 

30 minutes/ $35

60 minutes/ $60

Spiritual & Life Coaching:

Pricing varies based on your customized package and number of sessions.


Holistic Massage:

30 minute 1 area/ $35.00

60 minute full body/ $60.00

60 minute full body aromatherapy/$70.00

Cupping Massage:

30 minute 1 area/ $25.00

60 minute full body/ $50.00

Hot Stone Massage:

30 minute/ $35.00

60 minute/ $60.00


60 minute Energy Treatment/ $60.00

90 minute Energy Treatment & Chakra Balancing/ $80.00

Sound Bathing:

30 minute Treatment/ $35.00

60 minute Treatment/ $55.00