The mission of Ignite! Healing and Holistic Center is to promote and restore overall emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being by offering clients holistic solutions and practices that they can incorporate easily into their everyday lives.

How did you, or any of us get to where we are today? What’s your story?

Kelli Jo and Kevin met serving as volunteers in the Peace Corps, in Ukraine in 2018 It was there, over 6,000 miles away from home that the idea and planning to open this center initially began. Their connection to spirit, and shared interest in wellness and healing others instantly cemented their friendship. Megan, on the other hand had already been a part of Kelli’s life for over 14 years as her daughter-in-law and business partner in other ventures.  

As the world was faced with the life-altering affects of the COVID pandemic, Kelli, Kevin, and Megan each saw this moment as an opportunity. “Where are we, where do we want to go?” The answer was, IGNITE! 

Like so many of our journeys in life they don't unfold in a direct path from point A to point B. Your journey to wellness is no different. Healing is not limited to the physical body, and modern medicine is recognizing this more and more every day. The mental, emotional, and spiritual components in our lives must also be in balance for total body wellness. The treatments, classes and workshops we offer here at IGNITE! are ones we have been incorporating, practicing and mastering in our own lives for years. We not only see their benefits, but we live them! And now we want to share with you the gentle and sustainable holistic approach to reclaiming your wellness and your bodies natural ability to heal in a compassionate and caring way.